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sodpodmod Specification

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sodpodmod® Pre-Vegetated Modular Green Roof Delivery System
extensive green roof system
Section 070870

(Note to Specifier: Please delete prior to publication:
The sodpodmod modular Green Roof delivery system may be purchased as a recycled cardboard tray and shipper only and supplied to the Landscape Contractor. The Landscape Contractor should follow the instructions for providing nursery supported green roof plantings until such time the modules are required at the construction site for installation on the rooftop. The Contractor then takes responsibility for the receipt of the modules at the construction site, and the Landscape Contractor can complete the installation and provide all required warranties. Landscape Architect approves all design and plantings per Construction Documentation and details.)

A. Furnish all labor, materials, tools, and equipment to grow nursery grown green roof plantings as specified by Landscape Architect (or Architect), transplant to sodpodmod® trays, load into sodpodmod® shippers, stack onto 4’ X 4’ palettes, load into open side (curtained) transportation trucks, unload , hoist and install sodpodmod® Pre-Vegetated Modular Green Roof System provided by sodpodmod® LLC Inc. sodpodmod® modules shall include growing media (as recommended for support of health and warranty for plants, and vegetation as specified. Work may also include installation of edge treatments, pavers, decorative ballast, slip-sheet, and an irrigation system. (Note to Specifier: identify all additional elements in this section or include as necessary in related work specification sections.)

A. Section 01 21 00 – Allowances
B. Section 01 43 39 – Mock-Ups
C. Section 07 33 00 – Natural Roof Coverings
C. Section 07 55 63 – Protected Membrane Roofing: Roofing membrane, protection course and rigid insulation
D. Section 32 93 00 – Soil Preparation and Planting
E. Section 32 80 00 – Irrigation

A. No deviation or substitution shall be made from this sodpodmod® specification or the detail drawings without prior written approval 14 days prior to the start of the project.
B. Before installation of the modules, the waterproofing surface shall be inspected by a technical representative of the waterproofing installer/manufacturer to determine the adequacy of the waterproofing surface to accept the modules and to verify the guarantee to the Owner of the roofing membrane prior to installation of all sodpodmod® pre-vegetated modular green roof system.
C. It shall be the Owner’s responsibility to determine the adequacy of the structure to support the existing and proposed loads and to verify the integrity of the waterproofing for water tightness. The Owner shall also be responsible for determining structural adequacy and waterproofing integrity if the green roof is installed on an existing waterproofing system.
sodpodmod® weight per module (1.71 SF per 16” X 16” X 3” deep module) is 20 lbs./module (12 lbs./s.f.). sodpodmod® weight saturated = 12 lbs. per SF.
D. Upon completion of the installation, an inspection shall be conducted by a sodpodmod® Technical Representative to ascertain that the modules have been installed according to these specifications and details. This inspection is not intended to be a final inspection for the benefit of the Owner but for the benefit of determining whether a warranty shall be issued for the installation of the sodpodmod® pre-vegetated modules.
E. The green roof modular components, growth media, vegetation, and other optional materials must be purchased from sodpodmod® LLC, or through a licensed distributor.

A. Substitutions: All proposed project components that vary from this sodpodmod® specification, shall be submitted for review & approval.
B. Shop Drawings: Submit an installation plan including but not limited to: waterproofing quality control, irrigation system & drainage plans, long term maintenance plan, environmental impact (such as weather, wind, solar implications), roof utilities, and installation preferences.
1. Provide detailed roof plans indicating full layout of all sodpodmod® pre-vegetated modules keyed for use by construction installation crew.
2. Submittal drawings shall include all areas of proposed roof planting, especially those areas that may not fit the regularity of the sodpodmod® module, such as a custom roof shape.
C. Contractor shall be responsible for establishing the final installation schedule for the sodpodmod® living system, and shall be liable for replacement costs due to pre-installation exposure after delivery, due to poor scheduling.
D. Contractor shall be responsible for providing a detailed schedule for delivery of the sodpodmod® modules to the site and to the roof surface for installation.

A. sodpodmod® modules shall be free from defects and will perform intended function for a period of 1-6 months from the date of shipment of the Product by sodpodmod LLC. As used herein, “Product” means only the module and excludes any vegetation, growing media, or any other materials placed within the sodpodmod® modules.
B. Landscape Contractor shall supply pre-vegetated modules with live plants free of weeds. The warranty shall be supplied by the Landscape Contractor for the longevity of the plants, survival and establishment of same for a period of one (1) years. An annual maintenance contract shall be negotiated after one year.
C. Maintenance schedule shall be submitted as noted above.


A. sodpodmod® system includes a recycled corrugated cardboard tray, roughly 16” X 16” X 3” deep, an optional drain board that fits inside the tray, and a shipper module that the tray and drain board (with growing media and 80% established native plants) fit inside. The shipper module is tabbed for stacking on a palette for loading into a semi truck for delivery to a site.
B. Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Tray: Custom-made re-cycled cardboard box with drainage at bottom; certification required from manufacturer.
1. sodpodmod® module size: 16” X 16” X 3” deep = 1.71 SF per sodpodmod.
Custom sizes available upon request.
C. Re-cycled cardboard insert for bottom of tray to contain the growing media and prevent loss of growing media from tray.
D. Recycled corrugated cardboard Shipper tabbed for stacking on palette. Capacity of each palette is 45 sodpodmods and each palette designed for stacking.
Semi truck capacity = 2340 sodpodmods = 4000 SF.

A. Plants shall be selected by Landscape Architect (or Architect) with technical support provided by sodpodmod® LLC. Plants shall be selected for leaf texture, color, water conserving qualities and Landscape Architect (or Architect) preferences.
Preferred plant materials are natives to the site and vicinity.
B. Design layout shall indicate specific layout of sodpodmod® modules.
C. Plant selection shall be based on tolerance of environment, color palette to blend in with site, and texture to simulate differences in grasses, leaf textures, and succulents.

A. Growing media shall be comparable to FLL standards as represented by Rooflite® specifically engineered for custom project conditions, consisting of organic and inorganic materials.
B. All growing media preparation shall be sterilized and packaged in supersacks prior to use in specific sodpodmod® preparation for pre-vegetations.
C. Additional growing media will be utilized at installation to conceal the irrigation and all edges of the sodpodmod® modular edges.
D. Irrigation systems are NOT included in the sodpodmod® delivery system, however are available upon request. Irrigation systems shall be designed with Owner separately unless otherwise specified elsewhere within the scope of this Project.

A. sodpodmod® shall be shipped in an individual stacking shipper designed for weightbearing capacity to accommodate shipping in a semi truck enclosed trailer measuring 8 ft. in height.
B.. sodpodmod® shipment? will include ventilation holes to assure that all pre-vegetated growing material arrives at destination jobsite alive and thriving prior to hoisting to rooftop for installation
C. After installation of the sodpodmod® pre-vegetated green roof module, sodpodmod® individual stacking shipper shall be recycled in on-site construction deposit receptacles marked for ‘recycled cardboard disposal’.


A. All sodpodmod® modules are designed to be installed within 24 hours after receipt of delivery at job site.
B. Do NOT deliver to jobsite when temperatures exceed 85 degrees F. or fall below 45 degrees F. without specific instructions and technical assistance from sodpodmod LLC.
C. Do not deliver sodpodmod® modules in conditions where weather would create a danger to the installation. Monitor schedules for appropriate conditions for viable delivery, with live pre-vegetated growing modules maintained throughout truck delivery to the site, delivery to the job-site roof, and installation of the sodpodmod® modules on the roof membrane installation.
D. Handle sodpodmod® modules with care and keep moist upon installation to prevent excessive shock to plant material and lack of moisture.

A. Thoroughly sweep away all debris, foreign material, etc. from the completed and inspected waterproofed surface. Do not install sodpodmod® until waterproofing system has passed all required field tests.
B. Install suitable slip sheet or filter fabric protection fabric where required as per waterproofing system manufacturer’s recommendation.
C. Cover roof garden drains with a perforated drain box with removable lid and set at height of the top of the sodpodmod® module. Install gravel at the perimeter of parapet roof to edge of first sodpodmod® module.
1. Tolerances: Minimum of 6” from roof parapet edge; not to exceed 12 inches.
D. Foot traffic shall be supported by separate paths of growing media, however the sodpodmod® modules themselves can support individual foot traffic.
E. Installation may be started by setting up individual starter courses from the lower slope of the roof and progressing upward to the upper levels. Individual sodpodmod® placement shall be tightly nested with no gaps between the modules. The finished vegetated field of the green roof must appear natural.

A. Perform cleaning during installation of the work and upon completion of the work.
B. Remove from site all excess materials, debris, and equipment.
C. Construction Waste Management: Manage construction waste in accordance with provisions of Division 1 Section ‘Construction Waste Management and Disposal’.

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