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LEED Credit | sodpodmod

LEED Credit

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LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Green roofs help to reclaim green space, therefore providing habitat for a holistic ecosystem including butterflies, bees, songbirds, insects and natural systems.
1.1.1 SS 5.1 Site Development – Protect or Restore Habitat, 1 point
1.1.2 SS 5.2 Site Development – Maximize Open Space, 1 point
Stormwater design – sodpodmod utilize excess storm water discharge by filtering and detoxifying storm water, removing suspended solids and other pollutants.
1.1.3 SS 6.1 Quantity Control, 1 point
1.1.4 SS 6.2 Quality Control, 1 point
Heat Island Effect – typically with use of sodpodmod installations or Pre-vegetated green roof modules significantly reduce roof temperatures furing the summer months and the USGBC specifies green roofs as a means of mitigating the urban heat island effect.
1.1.5 SS 7.1 Heat Island Effect – Non-Roof, 1 point
1.1.6 SS 7.2 Heat Island Effect – Roof, 1 point

Drought tolerant native plants grown and nurtured in the sodpodmod nursery environment, or authorized nursery require little irrigation and once established are self sustainable with very little maintenance and upkeep, depending of course on the specific environment for final installation. Generally speaking, however, specific plant species selected in the sodpodmod system are drought tolerant and toterant with little or no irrigation.
1.2.1 WE 1.1 Water Efficient Landscaping, Reduce by 50%, 2 points
1.2.2 WE 1.2 Water Efficient Landscaping, No Potable use or No irrigation, 4 points

The sodpodmod system offers substantial energy saving benefits. The precise benefits will vary with climate, site, exposure, atmospheric conditions, and moisture content of the soil.
EA 1.1 to 1.19, 1 to 9 points

Construction Waste Management
Sodpodmod pre-vegetated modular green roof system is composed of recycled materials. The shipping containers are to be recycled in cardboard collection dumpsters required to be on-site in most construction sites.
MR 2 Construction Waste Management, 1 to 2 points
Recycled Content
Sodpodmod’s are composed of 100% recycled materials, filter fabric, cardboard, drainboard & shipping containers.
MR 4.1 – 4.2 Recycled Content, 2 points
Regional Material
Sodpodmod pre-vegetated are manufactured within a 150 mile radius of distribution, and grown in a nursery environment within the 150 mile radius as well. Distribution is be most fuel efficient transport possible.
MR 5.1 – 5.2 Regional Materials, 1 to 2 points
Rapidly Renewable Materials
Sodpodmod pre-vegetated are propogated, planted nurtured and grow to the fully established pre-vegetated sodpodmod modular system ready to complete the green roof as a fully established green roof requiring irrigation as specified for installation directly on a membrane roofing system completed and guaranteed by others.
MR 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials, 1 point

Sodpodmod’s mmay be used to grow herbs and vegetables, to feed on carbon, and return the vegetated footprint of the planet to the built environment. Additives to the growing containment may be integrated with fertilizers, enzymes and other organic compounds to specialize and individualize the specific crop desired or fully vegetated effect to be achieved.

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