1. 01. Sea Ranch

    One of our original green roofs in Sea Ranch, CA, where the plantings are flourishing and the flowers now blooming. We have attained the ultimate goal of a living roof. “Where’s the roof?” In the view line where the roof ends and where the indigenous landscape begins becomes nearly indiscernible.

  2. 02. Our Newest sodpodmod Units

    We just finished planting our newest sodpodmod units – they are real beauties!

  3. 03. Emerald Carpet

    The arctostaphylos ‘Emerald Carpet’ is a rich green Manzanita groundcover that has the prettiest tiny white flowers in the spring.
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  4. 04. Dudleya Farinosa

    One of our personal favorites, the Dudleya Farinosa, a Sea Ranch native sedum that is simply exquisite.
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  5. 05. Coast Buckwheat

    Eriogonum latifolium, or coast buckwheat, is another silver soft-green textured leafy plant. The deer love it, however, so we’re curious how to protect the initial planting of the plugs when the deer will surely come by and nibble. These plugs have a great root structure, so we expect them to explode within a few weeks.
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  6. 06. Cape Blanco

    The mainstay of the living roof is the Spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’, a beautiful sedum with the exquisite multiple flowerettes of light sage green with a touch of burgundy at the outer leafs.
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