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About | sodpodmod


What is a sodpodmod®?  
a no-plastic, no-waste product

sodpodmod® is an alternative to sedum mat systems and plastic containers and is made of entirely biodegradable and recycled materials, with minimal-to-no impact to the environment.

It is ecologically responsible, flexible, modular, versatile, and we have used it in green roof installations, landscape architecture projects, as well as for growing edible herbs!

The modules, 16” X 16” X 3” can be be purchased individually, in quantity, or pre-vegetated and delivered to the job site. They can be pre-vegetated with water conserving native plants indigenous to a specific site location, in a custom blend for texture, variety and color.

What is a sodpodmod?What is a sodpodmod? { Click on image for larger view… }

The Big Picture  
a Living Roof System

We grow the plants at a nursery and, when nearly fully established, transfer them into a sodpodmod and deliver them to your roof.

This fully modular system provides flexible layout, adaptable to multi-shaped roof plans. Each sodpodmod® is grown for an establishment period of 3-4 months before being placed for shipment into a recycled cardboard, stackable carton designed specifically for sodpodmod’s transport.

After installation, the sodpodmod® tray will decompose, allowing the roots to join and turn into a living roof system with no toxic residue in the growing media.

A Living Roof SystemA Living Roof System { Click on image for larger view… }

The Delivery  
Eco-Friendly and Clever

The delivery system is comprised of stackable sodpodmod shippers that stack into ventilated protected palette units for shipping by truck. Once on site the trays can be handled individually or lifted by crane directly from delivery truck to rooftop.

The individual sodpodmod shipping containers (shippers) can be recycled on site, or returned to us for reuse.

The sodpodmod Delivery SystemThe sodpodmod Delivery System { Click on image for larger view… }

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